Extension to Volume Control & General Questions

Since my foray into Linux, there have been a few things that have
annoyed me and a few more that have made me curious. Firstly, the volume
control panel applet can only adjust one channel at a time, and my
master channel only controls the front speakers. So when it's at zero,
there is still sound from my back speakers. I would like to make it a
project of mine to fix this to get a better grounding in Linux
programming, but I'm not sure if it'll be accepted into the CVS. What I
would like to do is change it so that you can select more than one
channel to change at a time, and to unify their volume. I don't want to
step on anyone's feet by coding this, but I would like to help out with
Gnome, and this is the first thing that I saw that I didn't like and I
could fix.

Another thing I've wondered about is testing things like the core
desktop environment or library. It just wouldn't be very practical to
reinstall Gnome every time one makes a tiny modification, so what would
be the "routine" in that case?

Sorry if these questions aren't appropriate subject matter for this
mailing list, feel free to direct me elsewhere. Thank you for your time.

- Jordan

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