Re: Reading panel size

In <20040221094709 387dbd34 moiraine artic org>, Jonas Aaberg wrote:

> Hi Tony,
> I had this problem some months ago with my applet library, when changing
> from gnome 2.2 to 2.4. 
> I don't remember exactly the way to solve it, it was abit tricky. But
> you can have a look into gai/gai-gnome.c download from
> There is some working code.

Thanks, I'll investigate that some time, but there are other more
important things to get working in this applet first. I might even make
it use gai in the end.

Have you thought about making gai compatible with ROX
<>? It's very straightforward to embed a widget in its
panel using a GtkPlug, but I haven't got round to size issues with it

TH *

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