Re: Hello everyone, GNOME fan at your service

--- Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 16:31, tee_aiche wrote:
> > hello everyone,
> > 
> Save your sanity, use garnome.  There's no good
> reason to manually build
> everything, let a build system like garnome (or one
> of several others)
> manage it for you.

I lost my sanity when I was hooked on to the GNOME
Its 3:00 AM and I have college tommorrow. :)
 I already have the tarballs downloaded.So there is no
turning back.
Also I use dial up and Garnome would kill my phone

so....guess there is no turning back now.


ring me @ 98410-96690
mail me @ toufeeq computer org
currently running on Shrike with GNOME 2.4 (SVG rokx)

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