Hello everyone, GNOME fan at your service

hello everyone,

Avid GNOME user from India.
Managed to compile GNOME 2.4 on my Red Hat 9 box from
tarballs which I magaed to get from a Linux Magazine
CD available locally.

Since then hooked on to the GNOME community.

regularly visit http://planet.gnome.org and
art.gnome.org which is my favourite.

Would like to get involved with the open source
community more directly. One way is to test
development versions of GNOME.

So managaed to pull off the tarballs of 2.5.5  from
the ftp site.

OK. Step 1 done. 
I need to know in which order I should compile the

I have the module order list (from the magazine) for
Should I follow the same order?

some modules are different though. Dasher etc...

a link would be useful.

Thank You,

ring me @ 98410-96690
mail me @ toufeeq computer org
currently running on Shrike with GNOME 2.4 (SVG rokx)

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