Re: New help format (regarding Yelp)

Malcolm wrote:
> My main problem with your reasoning is that you have
> not really argued
> convincingly that the small amount of space saved by
> compressing the
> files is worth the extra time we need to spend on
> uncompressing them
> when reading them. Popping up the help page after
> somebody hits "help"
> is something we want to do as fast as possible. If
> that means we blow an
> extra 10MB or so of disk space on the files
> (compressing all my help
> files did not save that much when I tried it just
> now), then that is
> hardly too large a price to pay.
> Malcolm

Agreed.  But what about giving this as an option. 
Say, our help viewer(yelp) can be used to view
tutorials and documentation downloaded from web,
something like chm in windows world.  But application
help can be kept in uncompressed form.  The advantages
  * The user doesn't need to uncompress the tar.gz
file before viewing the documentation, bcoz yelp does
  * Disk space conserved, otherwise, the user has to
uncompress each and every tarballs before viewing it. 
   * Also the no. of files, per documentation is kept
at number 1.

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