related to bug report of id = 91033

Hi all,
i was getting the error while building libgomecanvasmm on windows using cygwin enviroment
dlltool: Syntax error in def file .libs/cyggtkmm-2.0-1.dll-def:4919
and like
dlltool: Syntax error in def file .libs/cyggdkmm-2.0-1.dll-def:740
i saw a bug report submitted by naofumi and accomplished by Murrayc and Cedric Gustin, related to libtool.
i am using libtool  and autotools provided by Cygwin package i.e.
libtool 1.5
autoconf 2.57
automake 1.7
when i replaced the line in genarated libtool file
printf ("\t%s @ %ld ;\n", erva+name_rva, 1+ i);
printf ("\t\"%s\" @ %ld ;\n", erva+name_rva, 1+ i);
than errors like
dlltool: Syntax error in def file .libs/cyggtkmm-2.0-1.dll-def:4919
not occured and make gave no problems while making example.exe but left demo folder.
make install gavre no problems
 but the file genarated was libgnomecanvasmm-2.0.a and no dll was built
when i tried to use with the my canvas application and around 244 undefined errors occured.
few like these
undefined reference to `virtual thunk [v:0,-20] to Gtk::Object::de
stroy_notify_()' and like
undefined reference to `gnome_canvas_item_get_type'
undefined reference to `gnome_canvas_group_get_type'
which were related to file
If any could tell what i should do at point where i am so close and so far i would really be greatfull.
Sagar Shah
Sinhagad College of Engineering
Pune (M.S)

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