Re: Image manipulation... GDK?

On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 15:34, Lucas Di Pentima wrote:
> I'm working on a 'VGA Planets' client for GNOME[1] and I'm needing some
> image to superposition another one. Let me explain myself: for the
> different type of planets that the game has, I show some picture
> depending on its temperature. Now, the planet may have an starbase
> orbiting it, so my idea was to somehow superpose an image of an starbase
> to whatever planet image is being showed. That way, I won't have to
> generate multiple image combinations, and later can make some other
> interesting things like, superpose some ships near the starbase and so
> on...anyone can give me a hint where to start looking? maybe GDK?

GdkPixbuf is probably what you are after, in particular, the
gdk_draw_pixbuf() method and its friends. See


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