Re: [PATCH] for control-center bug #'s 112151, 112152 and 112153

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 21:19, James T. Richardson wrote:
> FYI:
> I posted a patch for control-center 2.3.1 that fixes bug #'s 112151,
> 112152 and 112153 in b.g.o. I'm posting it to the list just in case
> someone overlooks it in bugzilla.

Probably desktop-devel-list is more appropriate for this type of mail.
Thanks, though.

> And on a similar subject, is there any formal way that a patch should be
> named?

Not typically.

Thanks for hacking-

> James T. Richardson, Jr.
> james richardsons us
> tkf-ml teknofile org

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