Re: building gnome-vfs 2.3.1

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 11:44, James T. Richardson wrote:
> That's what I figured. I guess that's a good enough place to start as
> any :-) 
> BTW, if anyone is interested, I did finally get .spec files built for:
> control-center-2.3.2
> gnome-vfs-2.3.1
> libgnomeui-2.3.3
> nautilus-2.3.4
> Now if they're right..... well... they built :-) heh.
> That said, this evening I'll open some bugzilla records and (hopefully)
> figure out how to post the patches.

The tricks for putting patches in bugzilla:

(1) You cannot attach a patch at the same time as you open the bug
report. So file the initial report, describing the problem and
mentioning you will attach the patch. After submitting the bug, go back
and edit it and attach the patch then (there is a link to click for
adding attachments on the edit page).

(2) Add the PATCH keyword to the bug so that we know it had a patch


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