Gnome Canvas and crossing events

I have recently been bitten by the way crossing events are handled in
the gnome canvas.  If I have a canvas group made up of several items,
and I attach an event handler to the group, it will receive the
enter/leave notifications not just for the group, but all of its
subitems as well.

This in and of itself may or may not be considered correct behavior.
After looking at things a little closer, I think that this could very
well be considered correct, but only if the detail specified a
semanticaly correct GdkNotifyType.  Currently, it will always reply

I have considered implementing this, but I wanted to see what other
people thought about it before I started.  Does this sound like a
good idea?  Or do people think I am trying to fix the wrong problem?

Michael Welsh Duggan
(md5i cs cmu edu)

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