Re: new application, Gnome Clipboard Manager

On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 01:55, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> user does not know about it for example). I am adding a feature which
> will give the user the ability to specify the max-length of a specified
> target-type and a default max. target length.

> ............ 'Copy and convert to' feature :) this is not finished yet
> of course. It will be used to automagically copy (and try to convert if
> nessesairy) a specific target-type into another target-type. For example
> usefull when copypasting from Mozilla to your texteditor (copypasting
> HTML tags by making Gnome Clipboard Manager copy the text/html target to
> the COMPOUND_TEXT target).

Both are now +- finished in CVS.

In the Preferences->Targets tab if you enable "Allow manipulating of
targets" and set the GtkTreeView like this :

|General|Networking|User interface|Misc|  Targets  |
<b>Target Options</b>

 [x] Allow manipulating of targets
			Default max length: |10000|

 | Target    | Max Length | Copy and try to convert to |
 | text/html | 10000      | COMPOUND_TEXT              |
      [ Remove this target ]  [ Add a target ]

Then Gnome Clipboard Manager will, if it fetched a text/html target,
create a new COMPOUND_TEXT target which is an exact copy of the
text/html target but then named COMPOUND_TEXT. In human words this means
that (if the preferences are set like this) this works :

- Start Gnome Clipboard Manager 2.0 (the one that is in CVS now)
- Set the preferences like described above
- Select some text in Mozilla or Mozilla composer
- Open gedit

Now you will have the HTML-tags of the text you selected in Mozilla in
your gedit textwidget in stead of the plaintext presentation of the
stuff that you selected in Mozilla.

Philip Van Hoof

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