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Em Qua, 2002-09-25 às 18:14, Lucas Rocha escreveu:
> Hi all! In peace?
> my name is Lucas Rocha, i am from Brazil. I am starting to develop
> 'things' with gtk+ now and i am having some difficults on software
> design stuff. I have a lot experience with web development, but not with
> window-based application and i really dont know how design a gnome
> application. I mean, whats the best way to structure my gnome software?
> I saw that theres a way that defines and callback function lib,
> interface function lib, and a business function lib. Is that right?
> I hope you can show me some kind of docs that would help me in these
> first steps...
> best regards! peace!
> --lucasr
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hi Lucas Rocha,

I am from Brazil too and new GTK+/Gnome Developer.

Do you already try use glade for development ?

Have fun!

Fernando Alencar Maróstica
Graduate Student, Computer Science
Linux Registe User Id #281457

University Methodist of Piracicaba
Departament of Computer Science
@home: famarost unimep br

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