A new Gnome2 application: Gnome Clipboard Manager 2.0

Hi there,

I developed a new type of application -well.. maybe it is not new maybe
it is, oh well-. I developped a Clipboard Management tool and called it
Gnome Clipboard Manager. As the name suggests the application uses
Gnome2/Gtk+-2 and some libraries like libGConf-2, LibXML-2 and
LibGtkHtml-2... so if you want to install it; make sure that you also
install those libraries.

Gnome Clipboard Manager 2.0 is an application made for managing your
selections (a.k.a. clipboards). Gcm will (if this option is set)
automatically fetch new selections and will push all the targets of that
selection on a shelve. Once collected, it is possible using Gcm to go
back to a previous collected selection (which is a collection of
targets) by selecting it, edit the targets of your chosen selection,
merge them into a new selection on the shelf from multiple marked
selections, save to -and load selected selections to XML files.

While editing the selection you can modify the COMPOUND_TEXT and
text/html targets. While editing the text/html target you can see a
preview of the data using the GtkHtml widget.

Screenshots      : http://gcm.sf.net/gcm_screens/
More information : http://gcm.sf.net/about_gcm.html
Homepage         : http://gcm.sf.net

The targets of a selection are the formats in which you can retrieve the
selection. For example: if your browser owns the selection then it is
possible that the data of one format of the selection is plain text and
the data of another format contains the HTML-tags of the source
underneath the marked up document. The target in this example is called
the text/html target. Gnome Clipboard Manager supports this target by
giving the user of Gnome Clipboard Manager the possibility to edit the
data and preview his/her changes using a lightweight htmlviewing object.
A selection ressembles a collection of possible targets. Most of the
times one of those targets is the COMPOUND_TEXT target which is a
plaintext presentation of the selection.

Some key-features :

* Automatically collecting new selections on the shelve
* Automatically collecting all targets of a new selection
  Which means ...
    * Support for OpenOffice.org selections
       * CopyPasting and collecting of selections between
         OpenOffice.org applications and windows is possible.
    * Support for Mozilla (composer) selections
       * CopyPasting of HTML tags and text/html targets
         is possible. CopyPasting and collecting selections
         from the Mozilla composer window is possible.
    * Support for any application that uses the standard
      channel for clipboards (selections) and any targettypeOOO
* Copy/Pasting selections in Gnome Clipboard Manager (making a copy)
* Saving and Loading of selections using XML files
* Editing the targets of a selection
   * Editing and previewing the text/html target
   * Editing the COMPOUND_TEXT target
* Creating a ClipboardRing
* AutoSelect last new collected selection
* Followingmode
* Hiding unnecessary objects of the userinterface of gcm
* Setting the selection-type (CLIPBOARD, PRIMARY, SECONDARY)
* English, Dutch, French, Russian and Japanese translations

Some features that I am planning to create :
-or maybe, if you follow the Tao Of Programming, you will someday

* Network support (sending selections to another host)
* PanelApplet support (embedding gcm into the gnome-panel)
* More/better documentation
* More/better translations

Source Tarbal :

RedHat & Mandrake packages :

export CVSROOT=':pserver:anonymous cvs gcm sourceforge net:/cvsroot/gcm'
cvs login
cvs -z3 co gcm-2

Philip van Hoof aka freax (http://www.freax.eu.org)
irc: irc.openprojects.net mailto:me at freax dot org
Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes.

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