Re: gtkhtml2 vs. gtkhtml1

On Út, 2002-09-17 at 11:09, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> Another thing I think of, if we use a gtk-based html renderer (such as
> gkthtml1/2), would it be possible to do some kind of css extension to
> pull colours out from the gtk theme?  Or do they already allow this? 
> This way things like header-block layouts (like in the e-mail view in
> Evo.) can be coloured according to the user's theme.  Perhaps a way that
> is backwards compatible with standard CSS, so documents viewed in
> galeon/ie/etc. look decent, but look "proper" in the help-viewer or
> whatever application.

This is not needed, as evolution generates html for header block itself
=> evo could use whatever color in header. The problem is rather to what
color from theme to use.


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