Re: gtkhtml2 vs. gtkhtml1

tis 2002-09-03 klockan 15.58 skrev Ali Akcaagac:
> hello,


> i know this subjects question came up a couple of times already but
> until now there is no real answer to the situation of gtkhtml2. if so
> then i probably missed it. with the release of gnome 2.0 gtkhtml2 seem
> to be part of the desktop. please understand that there may be people
> outside that started a project depending on this library. it would be
> sad if this library is beeing canceled in favour of the gtkhtml1 port

AFAIK there hasn't been a decision made on this issue. Though it might
not be the best solution I can currently see them co-existing (though we
need a good documentation describing when to use which. 

GtkHtTML2 has DOM + CSS and GtkHTML1 has editing. So, imho, a GtkHTML1
port would be better for a mailer (ala Evolution) but GtkHTML2 would be
better for a browser (read-only) application.

Imho the best option would be to scrap both and use Gecko, which might
happen in the future. For those that don't know, Gecko is the rendering
widget in Mozilla (also used in Galeon).

> my problem right now:
> as some of you heard i have started to work on 'atlantis' a couple of
> weeks ago. first the idea was to learn more about gnome-vfs, gtkhtml2
> and all the other gnome 2 libraries (to do some constructive work). the
> program is depending on gtkhtml2. it is not easy to port it to gtkhtml1
> because gtkhtml1 lacks everything. i am currently worried that i am
> forced to cancel the project because of this. is it possible to get a
> _final_ answer to the gtkhtml2 situation ?

What is it GtkHTML2 that you need that you can't find in GtkHTML1

  Mikael Hallendal

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