RE: This is a Troll!

Hi all,

The problem I have seen with Linux and the Internet and anything which is
driven by technical people, is the arrogance of the engineer. I'm one so I

You can't be expert in all fields nor know everything, but when you are sent
back by people with statment like RTFM, or similar, does not help at all
anybody. Remember everybody is an expert in its own field and it may not be
yours, but do not dismiss them as stupid or incoherent.

Gnome/KDE/Gnu/Linux have still some way to go, but the momentum is building
up. I see more and more projects reaching critical mass, where the coming in
and going out of key developpers do not matter anymore. what it means is
that capabilites and usability are everyday increasing.

What is needed is documentation, user groups, etc... So people can share
tips and trics. MS-Windows is not evident, but everybody has next to him
someone that can show how to do it. Gnome users are rarer, and to know for
instance that pressing tab in the File Dialog to do autocomplete, took me 3
years to find it out... But I would have seen someone doing it would have
taken me 3 seconds to learn it.

I think Gnome is coming there and Linux in general, just be patient...The
critical mass is close.


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