Converting GTK project to GNOME 2

Ok, so there's not much in the way of introductory documentation for
GNOME 2 out there. Here's my idea to help correct that problem...

I have this pet project I'd like to port to GNOME 2, it's been a bit of
a hobby over the past few weeks. If gnome-devel-list can stand a little
extra traffic I'll start posting questions to the list and keeping a
record of my progress as I go. Periodically I'll update a web site with
a description of the process from a (fairly) new GNOMEr's point of view.
In the end, I should have a bit more perspective on what makes GNOME 2
tick, and be able to contribute to the fund of available documentation.

Hopefully there are some developers out there who can spare a little
time to contribute answers and suggestions - this is probably less
painful than actually writing documentation yourselves, but still helps
the cause ;o)  Pointers to existing resources (particularly sample code)
which may be of assistance are of course welcome.

With this in mind, an initial question. The application I'm interested
in (Felipe Bergo's excellent project eboard, an interface used to play
chess) connects to servers for the purpose of matching opponents, or can
be used offline. I'm wondering whether perhaps writing a Bonobo
component might be an appropriate solution for the board/game interface.
I even thought there might be an appropriate component already in
existence for the chat/messaging side of things, as this functions in a
very similar fashion to other chat applications such as IRC.

So: write a component, or avoid Bonobo?


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