Re: remove gnome-cd (and cddb-slave) from gnome-media

On Thu, 2002-02-21 at 08:57, Callum McKenzie wrote:
> I can think of one good reason for retaining gnome-cd: ease of
> discovery. The naive user puts a CD into their CD drive and then looks
> for a CD player. Sure, XMMS can play CDs, but it's not obvious how,
> there's no big "play a CD button" in XMMS, nor for that matter is there
> even an obvious menu option (i.e. I haven't found it, but I don't
> consider XMMS' user interface good, pretty yeah, but not easy to use).
> Maybe the solution is to fix XMMS, or make a wrapper program that says
> "I'm a CD player" and then gets XMMS to do the right thing.

I'd have to disagree. that would more or less just be an ugly hack; not
to mention that once you have XMMS playing a CD, manipulating that CD
(eject a CD, put a CD back in, jus hit play) isn't going to be easy...
you'd end up having to redesign parts of XMMS's layout, which would
break the skins support.

As I can tell, XMMS's UI is just a WinAmp take-off.  WinAmp is now much
more functional, has a lot of different skin-types (including Native
Widgets, I *think*).  XMMS is fairly outdated, and in no way should be
an integral part of GNOME for something as simple and common as CD

GNOME actually needs a total, GNOME replacement for XMMS.  Something
that simple plays media files, end of story.  No skinning, UI knock-offs
of WIndows programs, etc.  Gstreamer might be there sopmeday...

> (As a side-note I have been using gnome-cd, both in it's gtcd form and
> it's current form).
> $.02
>  - Callum
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