Re: gnome/kde cooperation

On Thu, 2002-02-21 at 07:28, Marius Andreiana wrote:
> I'm trying to gather some info about subj.
> So far I investigate 
> * gnome using csl (or arts) instead of esd, as kde does
> * kde could use gconf, pkgconfig, intltool
> Any other ideas which aren't already on ?
No, but I'd just like to voice my support for replacing esd with arts. 
Every time I try playing a divx movie or any other long video clip and
have esd running SDL will automatically put the sound through it.  And
it always will sound clear then start getting garbled beyond recognition
and stay that way for a couple minutes until it finally gets clear
again.  But then the cycle just continues.

Running the programs using artsdsp when arts instead of esd is running
works perfectly, so its just a problem with esound.  Oh well, just
wanted to rant about it.

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