Building GNOME2 problems


I have tried building GNOME2 on my box using vicious-scripts. I have encountered two problems:

1. Bootstrap process hangs becuase download of pkgconfig fails ( is not available). I found an pkgconfig-0.8.0 and hope it is a good replacement.

2. Building panel fails:
checking for libglade-convert... no
configure: error: libglade-convert (from libglade 2.0) is needed to build gnome-core.

ERROR:gnome-panel: Cant autogen

What is the problem? Is this because /gnome/head/cvs/libglade/libglade-convert is not installed properly? I guess it is not installed properly because apparently python-2.0 is required, is that correct? Is there any way to remove this dependency?

Has anyone succeeded to install gnome-2.0 without python-2.0 installed?


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