can I place a window(or dialog) out of panel

hi! I'm making an tiny applet has one dialog.
applet button toggle dialog's appearance with click signal.
and dialog has property of placement under-pointer.

at first, I expected the dialog to be appear under-pointer _and_ out-of-panel.
and disappointed. :(
so I overview gaim(placement model)'s applet code. wow~ it was tricky.
gnome may not support placement of out-of-panel.

so I changed placement to center-of-screen.

well.. does gnome_2_ may support out-of-panel placement?
I think it'll be right to implement. b'cos popup menu support out-of-panel.

or is this a matter of sawfish? then I have to post another copy to sawfisher.


from [ke'izi] : where is [r]?

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