Re: Work woth GUI from a thread that was made by pthread_create function

On 2002.02.02 13:32 admin kiesoft com wrote:

I'm writing GNOME/GTK+ application for Linux that has a few work
thread. Each thread made by "pthread_create" function). When I try to
access GUI from child thread (thread that was made by main process) my
app is locked or dumped. What I have to do to be able wprk with GUI
from a thread that was made by "pthread_create"?

You need to link your app with gthread library, and in the code, at the very beginning, call


You need to lock gdk mutex before entering the main loop.


You may look up, for example, balsa sources (not that it is a best example, but it is a sufficiently complex one).

Generally, threading GDK (or I think most GUIs) with threads is a non-trivial thing (threads are non-trivial, GUI are non-trivial, and the system mixing these together becomes quite complex). If you can steer clear of it, do.

Pawel Salek (pawsa theochem kth se)
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH

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