Re: GNOME, .Net and Mono

On 2002.02.02 03:57 Sean Middleditch wrote:
THe way I'm imagining being based on Mono would work is similar to how
things are based on CORBA now, although perhaps better integrated,
easier to work with, and in many cases faster.  Instead of making a
CORBA call, you'd make a Mono call.

My experience is that new architectural UI designs are usually slower, not faster. I do not know of any exception, actually.

Just because it's Mono, I don't think that means we'll be forced to use
any of the (likely) security/stability problems with MS's
implementation, or be forced to run closed code, or have to program in
C#.  As I understand it, it'll be more like the ultimate wrapper, the
ultime plugin architecture, the ultime scripting interface, etc. (or, at
least, until someone invents something better.  ^,^)

"Ultimate" wrapper, "ultimate" plugin architecture, "ultimate" scripting interface? I feel like I was reading a developer's fairly-tale: attractive but having not much to do with reality. Well, that's just a feeling.


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