Problem in gdk_imglib -- solved!

It works now!

The whole problem was that MI/X was failing to advertise that it 
had a 1 bpp depth available.  This was in error, because it does
have that format available, but the code that set it up failed to
increment a numFormats counter.  To quote Homer Simpson:
"DOH!"  So by adding one line of code (++numFormats;)
to MI/X, gnome now works. Woo hoo!

Also, I've discovered that whoever told me that gnome requires
an R6.4 server to work was mistaken.  We have an old, stand-
alone Tatung X terminal here that run R5 and gnome works just 
fine on it.

About the only problem left is that some of the client apps don't
cope well with missing fonts.  So I'm building in some fallback
settings in the server. If it fails to find a Helvetica font, it will 
automatically fall back on Arial.

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