Re: [gtkmm] A grand plan

Doh, I prematurely send the last email by accident.

I think this is a great idea, and something I had be mulling about for quite
some time. Currently, each of those modules have their own web-site, release
plan, and status. An umbrella project which provides a single location to
download the entire sdk with the knowledge that a release from the umbrella
project has been tested to ensure all modules work together, would be just

I don't think the umbrella project should be too hard to maintain. It's
just a matter of keeping a watch/monitor on the sub-projects, and whenever
any of them have a formal release, one checks to make sure it works together
with the latest releases of the other sub-projects, then add the release to
the umbrella.

> We've talked about this before, but I'd like to set out some definite plans
> for C++ bindings for the *whole* GNOME development platform.
> At the moment there are various individual wrapper libraries. I am concerned
> that new developers will not want to find each individual library and
> investigate the dependecies themselves. This is quite daunting after you
> have already had to make sense of GNOME itself.
> I propose a 'GNOME C++ SDK' umbrella project, maybe called Gnome--
> This would include at least:
> * libsigc++
> * gtk--
> * gnome-libs-- (the current gnome--).
> * gconf-- (I just created this)
> * libglade-- (I still need to investigate this)
> * panel--
> * bonobomm (If we complete it).
> This would just be a directory containing each of the invidual distributions
> and some scripting to build them all at once in the correct order. The GNOME
> hackers are building a similar thing (tinderbox?) to build all of GNOME at
> once, so there should soon be some scripts that we can steal.
> I think that we should attempt this for GNOME 2, which should be frozen in
> July and released at the end of December.

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