Re: More link errors building lib-gnome

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Sorry, Outhouse Express sends as a multi-part MIME message
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> Hi Dave,
> Your email comes accross as an attachement.  That's odd.
> I wonder if that's something on my end?
> Anyway, when compiling gnome apps and libraries, it's
> essential for you to capture the output of configure
> and study it:
>    ./configure --with-gnu-ld --enable-shared > con.log 2>&1
> Then you can less con.log and read about what was found
> and what was not.  I have a feeling that Orbit wasn't
> found, even though you had it installed, probably because
> a third library was not included in the conftest attempt
> to detect Orbit.

That was it.  Orbit installed something in /usr/local/bin which
was not in my path.  I added it to my path, ran configure again
and it built just fine.

> Here's how to tell.  Con.log will have a no next to the
> parts about Orbit.
> At this point, less config.log and find out why the
> Orbit test failed and add in the library that was missing
> on the command line.  In my case, a lot of configure conftests
> fail because is not one of the libs listed, so I
> have to do
>     LIBS="-lnsl" ./configure --with-gnu-ld > con.log 2&1
> So if you want more specific help, paste in you con.log
> and you config.log.
> Cheers,
> Matthew

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