Re: Gnome special days

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 02:38:17PM -0300 or thereabouts, Fabio Gomes wrote:
This is funny. I got this yesterday but it was sent in March.
And since then...

> 	GNOME projects has "bug days", as does Nautilus.
> 	It would be nice if we had:
> 	- Mouseless day - 

Suggested in the accessibility talk at GUADEC. (last slide
or so)

> 	- Small Screen Day - to make GNOME applications less
> screenspace-eating.

>From Miguel's keynote at Guadec and things to work on: 
* working on small configurations, small screens etc
* working on 640x480
> 	- Slow machine day - Yes! Improve performance!

Miguel's talk again: 
* saving memory

> 	Well, it's just a suggestion. :-)

Great minds apparently think alike :) Gnotices has a list of reports
from various bits of Guadec (and since I have now written up nine
talks I attended, I would appreciate it if people wrote up at least
one I didn't go to. Hint, hint. Particularly since the Bonobo talk
was overflowing and the talks scheduled against it were small as a
result: the bonobo stuff should certainly be written up if it was
that good, and the others should have the chance for a larger audience!

And if anyone has notes from: XST, Pango, pervasive computing, or
Anna's talk about UI, I really would like to see them. 


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