Re: Gnome special days

On 27 Mar 2001 14:38:17 -0300, Fabio Gomes wrote:
> Hi, GNOME hackers!
>       I had an idea! (Oooh!)
>       GNOME projects has "bug days", as does Nautilus.
>       It would be nice if we had:
>       - Mouseless day - one day (or more!) with no mice, to improve
> keyboard shortcuts (like in Micro$oft apps). Most GNOME applications simply
> don't have alt-key shortcuts. Actually, GNOME is almost unusable without a
> mouse.
>       - Small Screen Day - to make GNOME applications less
> screenspace-eating.
>       - Slow machine day - Yes! Improve performance!
>       We must be able to view things in various points of view to make
> things more usable and accessible.
>       Well, it's just a suggestion. :-)
>       Best regards,
>       Fábio Gomes de Souza
>       Facilit Tecnologia
>       fabiofb facilit com br
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I second this motion :)  I'd like to one day be able to run Gnome on my
laptop, since I'm too poor for a decent one :)  All in favor say "I".

"I" :)

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