Re: gnome-session tcp port

On 14 Apr 2001 01:23:56 -0400, M. Shell wrote:
>  Hello,
> I noticed that on my Red Hat system that gnome-session
> is listening on a TCP/IP port.
> 1. What exactly is gnome-session?

the program which controls restarting of programs at login time (ie, it
restores the session you had when you logged out).

> 2. How do I control (turn off) its listening on the
>    TCP/IP port.

you can't until maybe 1.2 something.

> 3. Do newer versions of gnome-core (my 1.07 vs. 1.4) treat 
>    this port differently? i.e., do they default to no-listen?

1.2.something and above default to not opening tcp ports for this.

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