Re: GNOME 1.4 "Tranquility" is released

Hi all

I've just tried to build RPMs from this release. In the middle of the
process, I get some errors:

1. ORBit cannot be built using "rpm -tb". rpm takes the first .spec file
in the archive which is popt.spec and fails with the error message about
missing popt-...tar.gz. I guess, the archive should contain only one
ORBit.spec file. Is this a bug?
Definitely, when I unpack the archive and use rpm -bb - everything is

2. gnome-applets fail to build because another_clockapplet/docs/C tries
to install docs to /usr/share/...(regardless to prefix). So non-root
user is unable to build RPM. Any ideas how to hack this problem?

So 1.4 release cannot be used to build RPMs from the scratch:(

The build process is still going on, so more problems can be reported
really soon:)



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