Re: ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.11 "Ni"

> Once upon a time, GnomePropertyBox was invented to let all applications' preference
> dialogs share a common look, but somehow it didn't catch on. It looks like everyone is
> implementing their own flavour of prop windows (even nautilus and evolution do so).
> If I didn't get something wrong here (GPB is not deprecated, right?),I'd suggest using 
> GnomePropertyBox in pong before recommending it (pong) for widespread use.
> Also, this might be an opportunity to add a switch to GnomePropertybox that toggles
> tree view vs. the current notebook container, but that's another topic..

PonG doesn't use GnomePropertyBox? It could quite easily I suppose. And I like your
second suggestion too. But in either case, _PonG_ does provide a common look, and
uses/reuses good gnome technology like GConf and libglade.

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