How to create GdkPixmaps before windows

    I'd like to create some GdkPixmaps out of some xpm files, but to do it I
need a GdkWindow. The problem is, I want to create them at the very
beginning of my application, and at that moment there isn't any visible
gtkwindow/widget, not even created yet... so, I haven't got any GdkWindow to
    Is there a useable window all the same? I'm yet in the window manager,
so can I "borrow" another one? How to refer to it? Or must I create one via
gdk_window_new? And, in this case, what to use as parent window, and what do
I need to do to be able to use it for creating pixmaps (realize, show,
map... ?)?
    Thanx in advance,
        Mano :)

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