Re: Failures compiling 1.4: esd error in control-center

Christian Marillat wrote:

Thanks for the reply Christian.

> See the file debian/control

Unfortunately I can't find such a file -- where is it supposed to be?

> You need to install all files in the Build-Depends field and the best way to

Do you just mean the normail dependencies (e.g. GTK+, glib, esound,
gnome-libs)? If so, I've already done that. I've also tried adding
/usr/local/lib to, and re-running lconfig, but I get the same
errror compiling control-center.

> compile a package is to do a "apt-get source --compile gnome-control-center".

Unfortunately that's not possible at the moment due to the fact that my
Debian box doesn't have a 'net connection :(

Chris Howells 
E-Mail: chris h gmx co uk
ICQ: 93699029

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