Re: Anjuta

> Well, I think I am missing something here. when I said *almost*, I 
> meant *almost* (execpt some gtk only based packages). All the gnome
> packages install their pixmaps at $(datadir)/pixmaps/$(package) dir.

datadir is a variable expanded from 

This is computed from the configured --prefix directory.  If any
application is overriding this with the output of gnome-config
--datadir, it is definetly a bug.

I did not find any instance where this is overwritten in any of the
applications I have on my personal CVS checkout copy.

> So, as long as the gnome datadir and  the app datadir are
> same, there is no problem, but when they are not same, most
> (almost all) programs cannot find the pixmaps.

That is correct.  And that is why people should *not* use the
gnome_datadir_file() functions.

> The applications that installed pixmaps in the gnome
> pixmap dirs and help files in gnome_datadir includes many 
> standard gnome packages such as gnumeric, gmc, eog, gedit,
> etc etc. And I am pretty sure about *almost* all gnome
> packages.

Gnumeric I am certainly does not do this.  Can you show me this?
Because I compile and install Gnumeric against my local directory, and
I do not even have write access to my gnome-datadir

I think there might have been a mistake in the way you tested things,
because Gnumeric is most certainly not installing anything in the
gnome data directory, and I do not think eog does that either.

You are correct about the help stuff: this is indeed a completely
broken setup.  One we are embarassed of.

> Is there any other API calls with gnome that take cares of
> these problems without letting the author handle his/her own
> pixs and helps in project's datadir?

No, there are none.

> BTW, Miguel, you and your frens really did a very nice job witb Bonobo.
> Keep the good work up. Someday I would also like to help with the 
> development of Bonobo, may be just with the documentation or something
> that you ppl don't find time for.

Thanks a lot!  

Regarding documentation: Michael has documented the entire API of
Bonobo now (or at least the parts that are not deprecated) this should
ease your work.

Best wishes,

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