Re: [Nautilus-list] Huge nautilus changes coming

Knut Neumann wrote:
> On 04 Apr 2001 14:21:57 +0200, Zbigniew Chyla wrote:
> > It looks like you're creating "another GAL".
> > All Ximian's apps depend on GAL and from now all Eazel's apps will depend on
> > Eel. Is it really necessary? How many similar GNOME libraries will be
> > created if other companies start writing GNOME apps?
> I very much agree on that. It seems like the gnome-project is splitting
> up in different company-based development branches. Although I think
> Ximian and Eazel are doing a great job on making the gnome desktop
> useable for anyone, both seem to be building there own* special
> libraries on top of gnome-libs, so that it is quite hard for a developer
> (read: developer not involved with gnome) to understand its
> architecture.
> [* understand 'own' as a solution developed mainly by the respective
> company]
> IMHO special nautilus features suitable for all gnome applications
> should go into GAL. I think the gnome project would need a (better)
> layered structure for its libraries, which makes it easy to see which
> feature should be or is provided by which library. And maybe this
> structure should not be provided by a single company, but by a
> consortium of gnome-developers (steering comitee?). Otherwise it may
> happen that the gnome-project just divides up into several smaller
> projects each developing on a larger project (e.g. nautilus, evolution,
> etc) which do not integrate in desktop as a whole.
> Sorry for my english not providing expressions as clear as necessary
> -Knut

Yes, of course that's a possibility.  Taking this code out of Nautilus
is just the first step in making it usable elsewhere.  Just to get that
far there are many dependencies that we are having to sort out.

Beyond that all kinds of things can happen to make things better,
including some of the things you mention.


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