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I really like the idea of lowering the barriers to entry for
gnome. Something that has worked for the Abiword project are "Projects of
the Week". POW's, Someone then claims the project with a ZAP, when
completed they announce a SHAZAM. It's fun. It lowers the barrier to
contribution, pulls in new developers and it actually works. We'be got
lots of good code and new developers this way.

These are collected in a webpage and as they are finished they're crossed
off the list.

One small word of caution, writing up a good POW is non trivial for
something non-trivial. It works best if a lead developer knows almost
exactly what's needed and writes up what the POW accordingly. This of
course takes time away from hacking....



On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > >If not, would you like to work with Chema and me towards making this
> > >happen (and whoever else wants to join and coach/train/guide new hackers).
> > 
> > Sure I'd love to.
> Perfect!  Well, first step is to get into the gnome-love gnome org
> mailing list (that is the name of the project `GNOME Love')
> > I think a tool where the Gnome newbie enters their current skills/experience
> > and a self rating on ability and interest that can then automagically match
> > them up with projects/todo items for which they are qualified for (or near
> > qualified).  I would also add a field for estimated time per week that they
> > would be willing to work on a project.
> This is a very interesting idea.  I love the idea. 
> > This will have two effects - 1st it will lower the 'barrier to entry' that
> > the new user has for finding a task for which they are qualified.  2nd it
> > will ensure that it is a task that they are qualified to do, and one for
> > which they have sufficient time available to do it in.  I think a lot of
> > would be developers would like to contribute but are overwhelmed as to where
> > to start, and don't want to do something that they won't have time to
> > finish.  This should largely eliminate that problem.
> Miguel.
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