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So which lists should I subscribe when I use Gnome to develop and not to
develop gnome...

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GNOME 2 isnt really late, simply because the plan changed, and now theres
gnome 1.4 coming out either today or tomorrow. GNOME 2 work will be started
in the next few weeks after GUADEC, where they will plan what GNOME 2 will
be.  One of the reasons for the low traffic is because there wasnt really
alot of people working on the 1.X platform, but instead working on other
projects.  Most work is being done on other lists anyway now.
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> If you use Glade it will take you 5mn to code this wizard. Just design the
> interface...
> You will have then to create a simple function that pull a random tip from
> a file and display it in a gtklabel when the realize event of the label is
> triggered...
> Also to have way to toggle it on/off.
> The difficult part is to put slick graphics...
> BTW I'm surprised about the very low volume of e-mail on this list. It is
> supposed to be gnome-devel and not many people are hanging out here. Is it
> the reason why Gnome 2.0 is one year late? Not enough spin off to attract
> developers?
> Cheers.
> >
> >
> > > Another thing related to KDE (I just recently used it
> > > for the first time). I like that wizard who greets you
> > > with tips at the door. I haven't really ever
> > > contributed to the gnome developers. If I write
> > > something like that with the GNOME libs can it go into
> > > the project?
> >
> > We would love to have something like this, but I am not sure it goes
> > into gnome-libs.  You can just write the code as a wizard, and we can
> > work towards integrating this into the desktop.
> > Miguel.
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