Re: How to display help with the help browser

Buvo Sk, 2001-04-01 15:03+0200, kai Germano Rizzo rašė:
> Hi! :)
>     My problem is that currently my game displays its help with Netscape...
> I'd rather prefer to display it with gnome-browser, 'cause it's lighter...
> and for the fact that, passing to Mozilla, I am not able to view it anymore
> (it should be a misconfiguration of mine, but... <:). How can I do it?
> Currently my program use gnome_help_goto, in a function (that I attach), and
> it seems it calls only netscape... I cannot use GNOMEUIINFO_HELP(*), for
> various reasons; and when I try, it says "can't open topics file NULL", even
> if the topic.dat is correctly installed. How can I do?

Most probably you do not want to know anything about browsers. Sorry, I have
not looked at your source, but here's the only pieces in gtranslator to show
gnome about box, help with default help browser, and website with default
normal browser:


static GnomeUIInfo the_help_menu[] = {
	GNOMEUIINFO_ITEM_STOCK(N_("gtranslator _website"),
			       N_("gtranslator's homepage on the web"),

static void call_gtranslator_homepage(GtkWidget  * widget, gpointer useless)


The first item in Help menu displays help, if it is installed in standard
location: `gnome-config --prefix`/share/gnome/help/gnomermind

Gediminas Paulauskas

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