Re: Pulling my hair out:-)

> > I've read the source, I've read the GTK tutorial but I'm afraid my 
> > C skills just aren't up to that level.  All I want is a way to 
> > retrieve the row and column data in the method "select_row".
> Simple.  Your "select_row" callback routine is wrong.  The signature
> for select_row signal is:
> void select_row (GtkCList *clist, gint row, gint column, GdkEvent *event, void *data)
> This is for C, dunno the details fro Obj-C though.
> miguel.

Let me expand on that last note when I said I tried that.  What I 
tried was adding those vars to the callback routine as such:

- select_row :(id) sender :(gint) row :(gint) column :(GdkEvent *)event
:(gpointer) data
	do stuff;

All that happened was the app would seg fault whenever it entered 
the routine.
George Farris - VE7FRG

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