Re: control-center in gnome-core?

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Jacob Berkman <> writes:

> Since gnome-session runs many capplets at startup by default, if
> control-center is not installed, gnome-session initially sits there for
> a long time trying to run nonexistant capplets.  This probably isn't
> good for 1.0, so should control-center go into gnome-core, or require
> control-center, or change default.session?

Well, control-center comes from gnome-core - it was moved into its own
top-level module some time ago.

However, really good question. If we really change default.session this
change must not break anything when users have control-cetner - which
should be the normal situation, so maybe some kind of check whether the
capplets exist before running them.

Or make gnome-core require control-center ...

Martin Baulig - -

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