Re: How to accept extra command line args?

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Lyndon Drake wrote:

> My application has some non-Gnome command line parameters.  The existing
> code parses these, but doesn't exactly leave argv in a good state (I
> didn't write this code, BTW).  This precludes doing my argv parsing
> before calling gnome_init().  However, gnome_init (unlike gtk_init)
> aborts if it encounters unknown parameters.
> I would like to integrate my parameters into the Gnome ones, so that
> they appear in the --help output, and get parsed automagically.  From
> other programs, it appears that popt is used for this.  Is there any
> documentation on this, or a good example program? has a little writeup somewhere (I can't check
because the site seems down at the moment). Try looking under devel docs
or somethesuch.

-- Elliot
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