Re: corba and scripting questions

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Martijn van Beers wrote:

> I've been redesigning the IDL for photon, and I've run into a few problems
> I have the following structure
> there's a Part interface, which is the base for each part of photon.
> then each part has it's own interface, which derives from part
> the problem is that since I'm not going to implement all the parts myself,
> I put the Part interface in it's own file. Each part has a .idl file as
> well, which includes the Part .idl.
> When I run these files through orbit-idl, it generates code for Part in every
> output file set. So, when I would try and compile the project-management
> part, which must talk to every part, I'd have a lot of functions doubled.
> Is there any way to solve this (except by putting it all in one big idl file)?

You can do this by wrapping the ORBit-specific directive
#pragma inhibit push
#pragma inhibit pop

around the part of the IDL that you do not want stubs/skeletons generated

To have the 'Part' code generated at least once, you may need to enclose 
each of the pragmas with #ifdef YES_I_WANT_TO_GENERATE_PARTS_INTERFACE_STUFF

-- Elliot
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