desktop files and locale aliases

Frequently, the same locale is known under different
names. And if you use any of those names you get correct
translations and Gtk+ picks up proper font out of the "fontset.

But translations are not being picked up from the .directory
and *.desktop files unless your locale is exactly the one 
defined in square brackets in directory and  *.desktop files.

For example, if I use "russian" locale everything is translated 
except menus, but if I define my locale as "ru" menus get translated.

Should we consider that a bug?

In this particular case "ru" is not a locale or alias of any locale on
stock RedHat system, so one have to modify
/usr/share/locale/locale.alias file. (Acually RedHat has wrong Russian
locale and it has to be rebuild anyway, but that is a separate topic)


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