Re: Solaris bug in libzvt/gnome-terminal

On 17 February, 1999 - Maciej Stachowiak sent me these 0,6K bytes:

> Tomas Ogren wrote:
> > 
> > I still get (Inappropriate ioctl for device) and no jobcontrol in
> > zterm/gnome-terminal. This is Solaris 2.6/Sparc.
> > 
> Whoops, I had a minor cut and paste accident.
> 	* gnome-login-support.c (login_tty): Replace an #elsif with an
>  	#else in the fix below. D'oh!
> Please try again with current CVS.

Whop. Works like a charm, thank you.

Now to get black background and white fg in zterm...

Tomas ÷gren,,
|- Student of Computer Science at the University of UmeŚ
`- Sysadmin at {ing,acc}

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