Re: GnomeDock drag changes

    tigert> The dock code once had the feature of 'attach back' if you
    tigert> doubleclicked the handle but it seems to be gone now after
    tigert> the doubleclick problems in gtk. Would be nice to get it
    tigert> back.

This is a bit troublesome to do with the current code if we want it to
redock it where it used to be before being docked out (as the user
would expect).  The problem is that you cannot just save the previous
coordinates, because if the dock configuration changes the coordinates
are not valid anymore, and you get unexpected results.

The way to solve this (IMHO) is to always make the floating item child
of some band, and make it possible to have "ghost" bands with no
docked children at all.  This requires some possibily dangerous
changes to the code, though, and I'd prefer to do it after 1.0.

Another possibility is to always redock in a "standard" place,
e.g. first band of the top dock area for horizontal items and first band of 
the left dock area for vertical items, but it's a bit ugly and does
not actually give you much advantage (the point in having the
automatic redocking feature is that you can put an item back where it
was without draggin, and if the redocking is not what you expect, you
still have to drag).  We can somewhat make this less annoying by
e.g. always redock the standard GnomeApp menubar in the first band of
the top area and the standard GnomeApp toolbar as the second band of
the top area; but this would have to be done at GnomeApp level and not
at GnomeDock level, and applications actually having several dockable
toolbars would not have much advantage from it.  And this would just
be a quick & dirty hack...  I'd definitely prefer to leave things as
they are and do it right after 1.0 is released.


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