Newbie needs help with GNOME, automake, etc.

Hi everyone,

I know these are stupid questions, and i know they're documented, but i
just can't get anything to work.  Here's the situation:

- I'm trying to write a brand new app for GNOME - no existing code to

- I've drawn up some windows and dialogs in glade.  I want to use them,
but glade doesn't support GNOME, so i need to substitute some of my own
code to do menus and toolbars and stuff.  Glade generates a
and and the like, but what's there doesn't seem to be
sufficient to get any gnome code to compile.

- I've not used automake/autoconf very much, so i'm at a disadvantage
there.  I've read all the documentation in the info system on it, but
obviously automake cannot tell me about the configs i need to get GNOME
working correctly.

So my questions are:

- Where can i find a simple GNOME app that i can plagiarize some minimal
config files (for automake and autoconf) from in order to get my app

- Once i've got a clean copy of said application, how do i get it to
generate the configure script?  I've looked at ghex in CVS, it doesn't
seem to have any config files except - no, no, no nothing.

Thanks in advance,
Paul Gear

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