Re: Is it an accepable style

>  It is not clear to me what is an acceptable stile and what is a bad
>  one.
>  I have not seen ?: expressions used in the code. Whould that qualify 
>  as an acceptable style:
>          ...
>  	/* Don't use gettext on the empty string since gettext will map
>  	 * the empty string to the header at the beginning of the .pot file.
>           * And subtree stock items should be restricted to dgettext  */
>  	label = create_label ( uiinfo->label [0] == '\0'?
>  			       "":(type == GNOME_APP_UI_SUBTREE_STOCK ?
>  				   D_(uiinfo->label):L_(uiinfo->label)),
>  			       &keyval);
>           ...

It would be nicer if you put spaces around the `?' and `:' :-)

In general, please try to keep the style of the files you are
modifying.  Gnome-app-helper in particular has been messed up because
people have not been careful to keep the indentation consistent.


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