Disregard what was in Re: May be we need ggettext

> I found yet another bug translation releated bug. The menu hints do
> not get translated. While it is easy ( amounts to adding 6 characters
> in gnome-app-helper.c) to fix for the application generated hints, it
> is not easy to get hins of the gnome "configurable" menu items
> translated. The fix I see is ugly.
> If dgettext(PACKAGE, ... ) was acting as gettext if it failed to find
> translation in the PACKAGE domain, there would have been no problem
> whatsoever. What you think about adding to GNOME ggettext function --
> one that would search in the specified domain and then in the default
> domain? It can easily be implemented using dgettext and strcmp .

 Duh! Stupid me ! It is a s simple as:

                i8l_hint = gettext (uiinfo->hint);
		if (i8l_hint == uiinfo->hint)
			i8l_hint = dgettext (PACKAGE, uiinfo->hint);

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