Re: [Fwd: Lockdown stuff]

<quote who="seth vidal">

> > Fortunately (or unfortunately), fixing GConf's backend is just a matter
> > of fixing GConf; it should not affect other modules. Getting
> > configuration lockdown stuff working requires changes to almost the
> > entire software stack.
> When I talked with Havoc about this quite some time ago I was under the
> impression that it would take a complete infrastructual change in gconf to
> make this problem go away. What is your take on this problem?

That's pretty much my impression too, but at least it's localised to GConf
(even though it might mean deep changes internally, it shouldn't require API
or ABI changes, so it's not going to break apps on top). Gotta pull in Havoc
for the real deal though. :-)

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
    "From my observation, when it comes to porting Linux to a particular
           device, a point doesn't appear to be necessary." - mpt

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