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leider kann ich aus zeitlichen Gründen nicht mehr die deutsche
Übersetzung für Synaptic pflegen. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ich sie in
gute Hände abgeben könnte - zumal auch bald eine neue Release ansteht.

Das SVN repository ist über folgende URL zu erreichen:


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I uploaded a new pre-release (pre2) for the new 0.56 version to

It needs gtk2.4 (or greater) and libglade2.4.1 to work.

I added a "History" that shows the installation/removal histroy (for
synaptic itself), the error dialog is improved somewhat. And there are
two new configure switches: 

"--with-apt-authentication" will enable support for the new
authentication format of apt (apt-0.6 AKA apt-secure). This is a
feature supported by the apt in ubuntu linux but not (yet) in debian. 

"--with-nice-dpkg-status" is a status-bar frontend that hides the
output of dpkg. It needs a patched dpkg and a patched apt. It works
pretty well, but it will hang if a pkg is waiting for input from a
maintainer script with "read". If someone has a cool idea how to
detect those read attempts from the terminal, I would be very happy :)
Debconf questions are handled fine as long as the gnome-debconf
frontend is installed. Both needed patches are send upstream and I
think we'll see them included eventually.

Threre are probably more things that I forgot for now :)

Please test this version (rpm reports are very welcome too) and tell
me if it works for you. 

Linux is not The Answer. Yes is the answer. Linux is The Question. - Neo

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